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by BRUNI  Sablan

 Located in the Willow Glen District of San Jose,  California





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The Jazz Masters Series by BRUNI Consists of over 1,400 original oil paintings of Jazz, Blues, and other Musicians

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Jazz Artist                 Painting Title
Adderley, Cannonball  "Playing Left"
Adderley, Cannonball  "Playing Right, Bright"
Adderley, Cannonball "Playing Portrait"
Akioshi,Toshiko "Profile"
Anderson, Ernerstine  "Portrait"
Armstrong, Louis - The Louis Armstrong Gallery Louis Armstrong Gallery
Baker, Chet - The Chet Baker Gallery Chet Baker Gallery
Barbieri, Gato   "Portrait w/Scarf"
Barbieri, Gato   "Portrait w/Hat"
Barbieri, Gato   "Playing Left"
Bartz, Gary "Playing"
Basie, Count  "Profile with Hat"
Basie, Count   "With Hand"
Basie, Count "Profile"
Basie, Count "Portrait - Straight Ahead"
Beiderbecke, Bix "Tribute"
Benson, George "Portrait w/Guitar"
Bennett, Tony "Singing Right"
Bethania, Maria "Prayer"
Bethania, Maria "Spirit"
Bethania, Maria "Spiritual Profile Left"
Blakey, Art   "The Great Messenger"
Blakey, Art   "Garden City"
Blakey, Art   "Suspenders"
Blakey, Art   "Portrait"
Blakey, Art   "In Flight"
Bocelli, Andrea "Canzoni Stonate
Brazilian Musicians Brazilian Music Masters Gallery
Brecker, Michael  "Playing Golden"
Bridgewater, Dee Dee "Sings"
Brown, Clifford   "Playing Left"
Brown, Clifford "Playing Right"
Brown, Ray  "With Bass"
Brubeck, Dave  "Profile 2007"
Brubeck, Dave  "Playing Right"
Brubeck, Dave  "1970's"
Calloway, Cab "Portrait Right"
Carol, Faye  "At the Fairmont"
Carter, Betty "Sings"
Carter, Betty "The Voice"
Carter, Ron   "The Master"
Carter, Ron   "Playing Right"
Carter, Ron & Jim Hall   "Together"
Carter, Regina "Playing, Club Jazz"
Cash,Johnny    "Tribute Portrait"
Charles, Ray    "Pure Joy"
Charles, Ray   "Profile Right"
Charles, Ray   "In Paris"
Charles, Ray  "Portrait w/Mic"
Charles, Ray "Young Ray"
Charles, Ray   "Playing Right"
Charles, Ray  "Laughing, Expressionistic"
Charles, Ray   "At the Piano"
Christian, Charlie   "Playing Guitar"
Christy, June  "Misty Miss Christy"
Christy, June "Something Cool"
Christy, June "Portrait"
Cole, Nat "Tribute"
Cole, Nat "Portrait"
Cole, Nat "Young Nat"
Coleman, Ornette "Playing Right"
Coltrane, Alice "The Spirit Guides"
Coltrane, John - The John Coltrane Gallery John Coltrane Gallery
Connor, Chris "Tribute"
Corea, Chick "Portrait"
Costa, Gal "Profile Left"
Costa, Gal   "Portrait"
Costa, Gal   "Profile Right"
Darin, Bobby "Beyond"
Davis, Miles - The Miles Davis Gallery Miles Davis Gallery
Davis, Sammy Jr. "Pensive"
Davis, Sammy Jr.  "Portrait"
Dearie, Blossom "Tribute"
Dearie, Blossom "Ooh-La-La"
De Silva, Wayne   "Playing Left, 2001"
De Silva, Wayne   "Playing, 2001"
De Silva, Wayne "Portrait"
De Silva, Wayne   "Playing Profile, Left"
Desmond, Paul  "Playing"
Desmond, Paul  "Playing Left"
Desmond, Paul   "Holding Sax"
Dobson, Smith  "Somewhere Over The Rainbow"
Dobson, Smith  "Transition"
Dobson, Smith  "Tribute To Smith"
Dobson, Smith "Smith's World"
Dolphy, Eric  "Portrait with Hat"
Donato, Joao "Saudade"
Donegan, Dorothy "Portrait"
Donegan, Dorothy "Playing"
D'Rivera, Paquito "Playing Clarinet"
D'Rivera, Paquito "Playing Alto"
Eckstine, Billy "Portrait w/Cigarette"
Eckstine, Billy "At The End"
Eckstine, Billy "Portrait"
Edwards, Doug "Sir Doug of Edwards"
Elias, Eliane "Portrait"
Ellington, Duke  - The Duke Ellington Gallery Duke Ellington Gallery
Ellington, Duke, & Strayhorn, Billy  "Together"
Evans, Bill - The Bill Evans Gallery Bill Evans Gallery
Evans, Gil   "Portrait"
Evora, Cesaria "Tribute"
Ferguson, Maynard  "Playing Left 2002"
Ferguson, Maynard  "Playing Left"
Fitzgerald, Ella    "Profile Right Singing"
Fitzgerald, Ella "First Lady of Song"
Fitzgerald, Ella "Playful Portrait"
Fitzgerald, Ella  "Lady Ella"
Fitzgerald, Ella  "Chicago Ella"
Fitzgerald, Ella    "Red Hat"
Fitzgerald, Ella "Peaceful"
Fitzgerald, Ella "Singing Right"
Fitzgerald, Ella "Profile Singing"
Fitzgerald, Ella "Tribute"
Fitzgerald, Ella "Profile Left"
Forman, Bruce  "With Guitar"
Garner, Erroll  "Elf"
Garner, Erroll  "Portrait, Reds"
Garland, Judy   "You and Me Kid"
Garland, Judy   "Smile"
Garland, Judy   "Profile with Cigarette"
Garland, Judy   "Young and Passionate"
Garland, Judy   "Posing With Hat"
Garland, Judy   "Young With Hat"
Garland, Judy   "Young Portrait"
Garland, Judy "Singing"
Garrett, Kenny "In The Studio"
Getz, Stan  "Sophisticated Tenor"
Getz, Stan  "Portrait"
Getz, Stan "Tribute"
Getz, Stan  "With Mic"
Getz, Stan  "Blue Getz"
Getz, Stan "Profile"
Getz, Stan  "Bobbing"
Getz, Stan  "Playing Left"
Getz, Stan "W/Cigarette"
Gilberto, Joao   "Portrait Playing Guitar"
Gilberto, Joao   "Profile Left, 2002"
Gillespie, Dizzy   "Salt Peanuts"
Gillespie, Dizzy  "Portrait, Young w/Hat"
Gillespie, Dizzy   "Extending The Harmony"
Gillespie, Dizzy   "Portrait"
Gillespie, Dizzy   "Playing Right, Brazil"
Gillespie, Dizzy "Playing Golden"
Goodman, Benny "Young, Holding Clarinet"
Goodman, Benny "1985"
Gordon, Dexter "Round Midnight"
Gordon, Dexter "Playing, Right"
Gordon, Dexter    "Bouret and Cigar"
Gordon, Dexter    "Portrait Left w/Cig"
Gordon, Dexter "Commission"
Grappelli, Stephane "Playing Right"
Haden, Charlie    "Portrait"
Hall, Jim "Tribute"
Hampton, Lionel    "Portrait"
Hancock, Herbie "Portrait"
Handy, John "Playing"
Hathaway, Donnie "Portrait"
Hawkins, Coleman   "Playing"
Hawkins, Coleman   "Playing Horizontal"
Hawkins, Coleman   "Portrait w/Cigarette"
Hawkins, Coleman   "Portrait w/Hand"
Hawkins, Coleman "Playing, w/beard"
Heath, Percy  "Tribute"
Henderson, Joe   "Playing Left w/Glasses"
Henderson, Joe "Holding Sax"
Henderson, Joe "Playing"
Heron, Gil Scott "Committed To The Consequences"
Heron, Gil Scott "New Piece"
Heron, Gil Scott "New York Is Killing Me"
Heron, Gil Scott "I'll Take Care Of You"
Heron, Gil Scott "Tribute #1"
Heron, Gil Scott "Tribute #2"
Heron, Gil Scott "Winter In America"
Higgins, Billy "The Smile"
Hinton, Milt "Playing"
Hislam, Syd "Portrait"
Hodges, Johnny "Mr. Hodges"
Holiday, Billie - The Billie Holiday Gallery Holiday, Billie - The Billie Holiday Gallery
Holiday, Billie "Lady Day For Life"
Holiday, Billie "Lady Day Has Too Much Rain"
Holiday, Billie "Golden Lady"
Holiday, Billie "Singing Profile"
Holiday, Billie "Billie Swings"
Holiday, Billie "Singing Violets"
Holiday, Billie "Sad Billie"
Holiday, Billie "God Bless The Child"
Holiday, Billie "The Lady Calls"
Holiday, Billie "It's Like Reaching For The Moon"
Holiday, Billie "Strange Fruit"
Holiday, Billie "Sketchy Portrait"
Holiday,Billie "Portrait, Young"
Holiday,Billie "Near The End of Lady's Day"
Holiday,Billie "The Saddest Billie"
Holiday, Billie "Profile Left - with Flowers"
Holiday, Billie "Profile"
Holland, Dave   "Playing Bass"
Hooker, John Lee John Lee Hooker Gallery
Horn, Shirley "Here's To Life"
Horn, Shirley "May the Music Never End"
Horn, Shirley "Portrait"
Horne, Lena "Tribute"
Horne, Lena "Profile Singing"
Houston, Whitney "Commission"
Hubbard, Freddie "Young"
Hubbard, Freddie "Tribute"
Hutcherson, Bobby "Garden City"
Hutcherson, Bobby "Club Jazz"
Jackson, Milt "Tribute"
Jackson, Milt "Profile"
Jamal, Ahmad   "Portrait 2015"
Jamal, Ahmad   "Portrait"
Jamal, Ahmad   "Profile Playing Right"
Jarrett, Keith "Profile Playing"
Jazz Jam I "Monk Trio"
Jazz Jam II "Bird Trio"
Jenkins, Leroy "Playing"
Jobim, Antonio Carlos   "Young, Playing Guitar"
Jobim, Antonio Carlos   "Tom"
Jobim, Antonio Carlos   "Young w/Cigar"
Jobim, Antonio Carlos   "Tribute"
Jobim, Antonio Carlos   "Profile Right w/Cigar"
Jobim, Antonio Carlos   "The Young Composer"
Jobim, Antonio Carlos   "In Thought"
Johnson, JJ "Tribute"
Jones, Etta  "Tribute"
Jones, Elvin "Smoking"
Jones, Quincy "A Portrait"
Kirk, Rahsaan Roland "Playing Right"
Kitt, Eartha "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes"
Kitt, Eartha "Portrait"
Kitt, Eartha "Tribute"
Kitt, Eartha "Profile"
Krall, Diana  "Playing"
Laine, Cleo "Commission"
Lincoln, Abbey "The Spirit Found"
Lincoln, Abbey "They Call It Jazz"
Lee, Peggy   "Platinum Lady"
Lee, Peggy   "The Singer"
Lee, Peggy   "Miss Peggy Lee"
Lloyd, Charles   "Playing Left"
Lloyd, Charles   "Playing Right"
Makeba, Miriam "Mama Africa"
Marsalis, Branford  "Playing Left"
Marsalis, Wynton   "Playing Left"
Martin, Dean "Portrait"
Masekela, Hugh "Singing"
Maysa "Bom Dia Tristesa"
Maysa "NeMeQuittePas"
Maysa "Untitled"
McLaughlin, John "Playing"
McPartland, Marian "Portrait"+
McRae, Carmen   "Young, Singing"
McRae, Carmen   "Portrait"
McRae, Carmen   "Scatting Left"
McRae, Carmen   "Singing Left"
McRae, Carmen   "Young, Singing - Abstract"
McRae, Carmen "Singing - Left"
McRae, Carmen "Monkey on Your Back"
Mingus, Charles - Charles Mingus Gallery Charles Mingus Gallery
Monk, Thelonious - Thelonious Monk Gallery Thelonious Monk Gallery
Monk, Thelonious "Afro Monk"
Montgomery, Buddy "Tribute"
Montgomery, Wes  "Playing"
Moore, Eddie "Playing"
Morelenbaum, Jacques  "Playing Cello"
Morgan, Lee "Portrait"
Morris, Scott "Portrait"
Morton, Jelly Roll    "Playing"
Mulligan, Gerry    "Tribute"
Mulligan, Gerry    "Profile Right, Sketchy"
Mulligan, Gerry "Profile Blowing Expressionist"
Nascimento, Milton   "Samba do Aviao"
Nascimento, Milton   "Peaceful"
Nascimento, Milton     "Profile"
Nascimento, Milton "Portrait - Braids"
O'Day, Anita  "Tribute"
O'Day, Anita  "Singing"
Parker, Charlie - Charlie Parker Gallery Charlie Parker Gallery
Pastorious, Jaco - Jaco Pastorious Gallery Jaco Pastorious Gallery
Pastorius, Jaco   "Jaco Solos"
Pastorius, Jaco   "Aqua Jaco"
Pastorius, Jaco   "Playing Left, Expressionistic"
Pastorius, Jaco  "Angel Jaco"
Pastorius, Jaco  "Playing 1"
Pastorius, Jaco   "Mysterious Portrait"
Pastorius, Jaco   "Playing Right, Profile"
Pastorius, Jaco "Portrait with Hat"
Pavarotti, Luciano "Tribute"
Pepper, Art  "Portrait"
Peterson,Oscar "Maharaja of the Keyboard"
Peterson,Oscar "Tribute"
Peterson,Oscar "Laughing"
Peterson,Oscar  "In Tux"
Peterson,Oscar  "With Hand"
Peterson,Oscar  "Profile, Young w/Cigarette"
Petrucciani, Michel  "Christmas Dreams"
Petrucciani, Michel  "Playing Right"
Petrucciani, Michel  "Portrait w/Hand"
Petrucciani, Michel "Sketchy"
Phillips, Ester "Profile"
Piaf,Edith "La Vie En Rose"
Plaxico, Lonnie "Portrait"
Porter, Cole "Portrait"
Portuondo, Omara "Grand Lady of Cuban Music"
Powell, Bud  "Playing Right"
Powell, Bud  "Portrait"
Purim, Flora  "Singing"
Rainey, Ma "Portrait"
Rawls, Lou  "Tribute"
Regina, Elis   "Pimentinha"
Regina, Elis   "Little Pepper"
Regina, Elis   "Singing Right"
Remler, Emily "Playing Left"
Remler, Emily "Angel Emily"
Remler, Emily "Standards"
Remler, Emily "Compositions"
Rich, Buddy "Playing Right"
Rich, Buddy "Commission"
Roach,Max "Tribute"
Roberts, Marcus "Portrait"
Rock, Soul, & Blues Gallery Rock, Soul, & Blues Gallery
Rollins, Sonny Gallery Sonny Rollins Gallery
Sablan,  Kristina "Playing"
Sablan,  Kristina "Profile"
Sablan,  Kristina "Playing Right"
Sanders, Pharoah "Profile Playing"
Sanders, Pharoah "Portrait w/Hat"
Sanders, Pharoah   "Playing Light"
Sanchez, Pancho   "Playing w/shades"
Schuur, Diane "Shining Deeds"
Schuur, Diane "Portrait"
Schuur, Diane "Profile"
Scott, Jimmy   "Portrait Mosaic"
Shank, Bud   "Playing"
Shorter, Wayne "Playing Soprano"
Sills, Beverly "Live at The Met 1974"
Simone, Nina  Nina Simone Gallery
Sinatra, Frank Frank Sinatra Gallery
Smith, Bessie "Portrait on Panel"
Smith, Bessie "The Empress"
Smith, Bessie "Brown Dress"
Smith, Bessie "Portrait"
Smith, Dr. Lonnie "Profile"
Smith, Willie "The Lion" "Portrait"
Spalding, Esperanza "Playing"
Spalding, Esperanza "Untitled"
Staton, Dakota "Portrait"
Strayhorn, Billy  "Portrait w/Cigarette"
Sun Ra "Portrait-Head Dress"
Tatum, Art "Playing"
Taylor, Cecil  "Profile"
Terrason, Jacky "Portrait"
Terry, Clark "Portrait"
Thielemans, Toots "Portrait"
Thielemans, Toots "Playing"
Turrentine, Stanley   "Abstract"
Tyner, McCoy "Profile Playing Left"
Tyner, McCoy "2009"
Tyner, McCoy & Michael Brecker "Together"
Vasconcelos, Nana "Chegada"
Vaughan, Sarah  Sarah Vaughan Gallery
Veloso, Caetano  "Haiti"
Veloso, Caetano  "Fina Estampa"
Veloso, Caetano  "Minha Voz, Minha Vida"
Waller, Fats "Top Hat Playing Right"
Waller, Fats "Expressionistic"
Waller, Fats   "Triptic"
Walton, Cedar "Tribute"
Wanderley, Walter "Portrait"
Washington, Dinah "Singing"
Washington, Dinah "W/Handkerchief"
Washington, Dinah "Queen of the Blues"
Washington, Dinah "Lady Di"
Waters, Ethel   "Portrait Right"
Watkiss, Cleveland "Portrait"
Watson, Bobby  "Bobby Now"
Watson, Bobby  "Playing Soprano"
Watson, Bobby  "Indian Bobby"
Watson, Bobby  "Portrait"
Watson, Bobby  "Playing"
Watson, Bobby  "Bobby Watson Now"
Webster, Ben "Playing"
Williams, Cootie "Golden"
Williams, Jessica "Portrait"
Williams, Joe "Tribute"
Williams, Joe "Profile Right"
Williams, Joe "The Smile"
Williams, Mary Lou   "Portrait Left"
Williams, Mary Lou   "Young Mary Lou"
Williams, Mary Lou   "Elder Mary Lou"
Wilson, Cassandra "The Singer"
Wilson, Cassandra "Portrait"
Wilson, Nancy "Nancy Wilson - Young"
Wilson, Nancy "Nancy Wilson Now"
Wilson, Nancy "Timeless"
Wilson, Nancy "Profile Singing"
Woods, Phil   "Playing Right"
Woods, Phil   "Playing Profile"
Young, Lester "Pork Pie Hat"
Young, Lester "Round 1"
Young, Lester "Pres With Sax"

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