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       David Bowie Painting by BRUNI         




Roberta Flack by BRUNI               


  Jerry Garcia Painting by BRUNI          


    Green,Al,599,24x30.JPG (106424 bytes)          

         Jimi Hendrix by BRUNI  

                      Jimi Hendrix Painting by BRUNI


   JIMI HENDRIX             

      Hendrix,Jimi,560,30x40.JPG (93920 bytes)      Hendrix,Jimi,631,36x40,with mic.JPG (90206 bytes)     




        Michael Jackson Painting by BRUNI


    Jackson, Michael, 659, 30x40, Singing 2001, copy.JPG (35955 bytes)      




        Joplin, Janis498,24x36.JPG (134689 bytes)      Joplin,Janis502,24x30.JPG (191525 bytes) 

 King,BB,074A,22x28,relaxed with guitar.JPG (36881 bytes)   King,BB,640,30x40,playing 1990.JPG (34941 bytes)            


           Marley,Bob,266,24x40.JPG (122876 bytes)   


  t   George Michael Painting by BRUNI  Joni Mitchell Painting by BRUNI       



    PRINCE PAINTING     PRINCE Painting by BRUNI     





 Shakur,Tupak,643,22x28,Portrait.JPG (113396 bytes)  Sista Monica Parker Painting by BRUNI        




Neil Young Painting by BRUNI

        John Lee Hooker Tribute Gallery 



Ray Charles Tribute Gallery


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