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Abstract Still-Lifes & Figures by BRUNI

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abstract painting    



Abstract Painting by BRUNI   Abstract Guitar Painting by BRUNI    Abstract Painting by BRUNI



               Floral by BRUNI Sablan   



     Archangel Micheal Painting by BRUNI      Floral by BRUNI























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SL, Abstract Figure, bottle, 24x30.JPG (96966 bytes)    SL,Blue Abstract, 16x20.JPG (132271 bytes)    SL,matisseish,20x24.JPG (110162 bytes)


SL,Black Figure from back, 16x20.JPG (52169 bytes)    SL,Red Vase,white lillies,20x24.JPG (97139 bytes)    SL,White Vase,18x24,textured.JPG (133566 bytes)


SL,Africana4,18x24.JPG (146788 bytes)    SL,16x20,Pink bottle,yellow flowers.JPG (119710 bytes)    SL,14x18,Red Camilia.JPG (134232 bytes)


SL,8x16,Neutral Vase.JPG (115214 bytes)    SL,magic,18x18.JPG (120270 bytes)    SL,Athletic Lady,36x40.JPG (110952 bytes)


SL,18x18,Black Figure.JPG (154026 bytes)    Sl008.jpg (166704 bytes)    Sl007.jpg (109446 bytes)


Reclining Nude Abstract15x30.JPG (121461 bytes)    SL, Textured white vase, 24x30.JPG (221532 bytes)    SL,Angelina Blue,20x24,final.JPG (122650 bytes)


Still-life with white figure.JPG (107173 bytes)        Abstract Still #1.JPG (90994 bytes)


Sl002.jpg (105044 bytes)    Sl003.jpg (83502 bytes)    Sl004.jpg (109079 bytes)


Sl005.jpg (112763 bytes)    Sl006.jpg (115879 bytes)



Presenting the Absurd Series by BRUNI!


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Painting Title

Still-Life - "Abstract Shapes of Color #1"
Still-Life - "Abstract Shapes of Color #2"
Still-Life - "Abstract Shapes of Color #3"
Still-Life - "Abstract Shapes of Color #4"
Still-Life - "Abstract on Fiberboard #4"
Still-Life - "The Concert"
Still-Life - "Heavy Impasto"  
Still-Life - "Abstract Still-Life Colours #9
Still-Life - "Abstract Still-Life on Fiberboard #3"  
Still-Life - "Figurative from the Back 
Still-Life - "Abstract Still-Life on Fiberboard #2"  
Still-Life - "Abstract Still-Life on Fiberboard"  
Still-Life - "Bursting Flowers"  
White Vase, Aquas  
Seated Male Figure, Profile  
Saint or Sinner? 
Little Red Riding Hood  
Crouching Figure
Seated Figure from Behind  
Still-Life -  "Textured Fantasy Abstract"  
Still-Life -  "Wood Sculpture Abstract"   
Still-Life -  "Morning Glory"  
Still-Life -  "Round Vase, Reds"   
Still-Life -  "Picassoesque"   
Still-Life -  "Reclining Nude Abstract"   
Still-Life -  "Colours #1"   
Still-Life -  "Colours #2"    
Still-Life -  "Colours #3" 
Still-Life -  "Colurs #4"    
Still-Life -  "Colours #5  
Still-Life - "Colours #6"  
Still-Life - "Colours #7"    
Still-Life - "Colours #8"  
Still-Life -  Abstract Figure with Bottle 
Still-Life -  The Blue Abstract  
Still-Life -  White Vase, Red Cloth  
Still-Life -  Black Figure From The Back
Still-Life -  Red Vase,White Lillies 
Still-Life - The White Vase  
Still-Life - Africana IV
Still-Life - Pink Bottle & Yellow Flower
Still-Life - Red Camilia
Still-Life - Nuetral Vase
Still-Life - Magic
Still-Life-Athletic Lady
Still-Life-Africana I
Still Life-Geometrics
Reclining Nude
Still-Life With Textured White Vase
Still-Life With Blue Figure
Still-Life With White Figure
Still-Life With Cat
The Bright Madonna
Reclining Nude
The Blue Phoenix
Fruit on Table
The Figure


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