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“BRUNI – The Making of a Master”

 A Modern Cinderella Story



·  BRUNI Started to draw at 4 years of age


·  “Corrected” expensive drawings brought home by her Grandfather – He encouraged this


·  BRUNI drew portraits of school classmates in grammar school, which they bought from  BRUNI


·  1st one-woman show at 17 years old, all portraits, inside a nightclub: BRUNI was not old enough to attend – You had  to be 21 years old


·  In 1980, after many paintings and exhibits, BRUNI opens Art Center in basement of 130 year old building – just a  cement hole: no floors, walls, plumbing etc…


·  Rented wall display space to local Artists to pay rent, all the while, developing her gift of Portraiture


·  In 1983, BRUNI paints her first Jazz Musician Portrait from sketches she has made while attending live performances


·  There are now over 1,300 Portraits of Jazz Greats – aptly titled The Jazz Masters Series by BRUNI – the largest  Tribute – ever – by a painter


·  Her work is in 5 Museums Nationwide – including The Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C.


·  She has had over 50 one-woman shows to date


·  Her work is published worldwide, and is carried in Galleries throughout the globe


·  She has many famous fans and collectors – Including Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis, Roberta Flack...and many more


·  The top Jazz critic of all time, the late Leonard Feather – who was also a collector – had this to say about the work:       “What BRUNI is doing is very important – she must never stop”


·  BRUNI has always brought a highly Spiritual element to all of her paintings – She captures the very Soul – that which is intangible


·  And, in addition to all of this, BRUNI has painted over 1,500 abstract Still-Life

and Figurative paintings since 1980


· Additionally, BRUNI has painted 60 portraits of Mother Teresa, which has already garnered worldwide acclaim


· BRUNI has painted 30 portraits of Ayrton Senna, Formula One Master


· BRUNI is in the midst of A Tribute to Africa, entitled “Africa: Look at Us” numbering 80 paintings


· In all, her life’s work, thus far, is approaching 7,000 paintings and drawings


· She has now owned and operated her own Gallery in Northern California for 29 years, inspired and taught countless numbers of  Artists who have become successful, and is considered by many to be one of the greatest Portrait  painters in history...




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