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"A Message of Hope"

There is a very special room inside BRUNI Gallery, in historic downtown Campbell - "The Mother Teresa Room". This particular place is more than a room with paintings. It is a retreat, a refuge, a spiritual renewing, urethral, meditative and soothing.

Paintings of mother Teresa encompassed by bursts of colors, gentleness, eyes that touch the soul, and hugs that thrill the hearts of the despondent fill the senses. Many visitors sit on the inviting sofa soaking in the depth of hope that fills this room. Additional paintings of African women, full of love toward their children sick with malnutrition, challenge the hearts to address world hunger and human rights.

There is a room of peace. Whatever mistakes one has made, poor decisions, or hard times a sense of calm pervades. You will go inside yourself and self-reflect embracing the positive. No matter how hard a life the pervasive message of hope in this room is "Love Will Heal."

Many people who have visited BRUNI Gallery return specifically to visit this room and simply sit and meditate. The paintings which are unique, soul inspiring, and one-of-a-kind will touch your soul.

Everyone is invited to visit BRUNI Gallery so the message of hope will spread. BRUNI's goal, through her paintings, is to help combat despondency that many in these hard times are currently experiencing. This is BRUNI's gift --the gift of hope.

by Clyde R. Horn, PhD


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