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 "Wonderful. Eternal gratitude...."

Todd Barkan, Jazz Impresario

"Bruni, your African work is wonderful. Thank you for sharing. Your ability to capture the dynamics of humanity in such abundance is as Bach or Mozart is to pen their masterpieces."


 Bob E. Burnham



"Oh, this is quite incredible.Your kinship with jazz musicians jumps out in the two aspects in common which great artistry is measured by: solid chops and bold ideas. No foolin' around."


Robert Hamilton Liles



"You have echoed the Spirit of our ancestors in colour, and you do so everyday...FOR US."


...steve kwena mokwena: 



"You have truly captured the face of Africa in your paintings of the children and adults...May God bless you always in your wonderful work"


Sylvia Browne

World renowned psychic & educator




"I was deeply struck by the stunning eloquence of ... your paintings: "AFRICA: Look At Us"


Seye Abimbola
Editor-in-Chief, The Editorial Board of IFEMED, the official publication of Obafemi Awolowo University Medical School, Ile-Ife, Nigeria



“What BRUNI is doing is very important, she should never stop…”

Leonard Feather

Jazz Critic & Collector


"Wow, that's it....she really paints in tune" just like music.... with harmony... dissonance... blue notes.. chromatic tensions... dynamic ranges of tone, form, values. etc. ....that's my personal impression, which I see in the infinite rainbow of connections between music and art.   Maybe I'm biased but I rarely see this..."

Paul  Brooke, Musician & Painter

Vancouver, British Columbia



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