Ode to BRUNI 


 A Tribute by Poet Laureate Larry Jaffe


There is no metaphor

For Bruni

She is Bruni

She requires

No analogy

No simile

No nothing


She is Bruni

And paints with the soul



Strokes of personality


She is Bruni

Capturing the

Exquisite essence

Of mankind

With every breath


There is no metaphor

For Bruni

She is Bruni



© 2010 lgjaffe


About The Author Larry Jaffe:

Jaffe is an internationally known and an award winning poet he writes from the heart and soul with great clarity and understanding. He impacts audiences and readers with a rich emotional range, masterfully crafted. He has read his work in such distinguished locations as the Japanese American Museum, the Hammer Museum, the Museum of Tolerance, the Jewish Museum and the Museum of Literature in Prague and the Dylan Thomas Centre in Wales. He uses the uses the aesthetic power of poetry to bring understanding to the world especially in the area of human rights. To reward this commitment was appointed Poet Laureate for Youth for Human Rights and United for Human Rights. Jaffe was the recent recipient of the Saint Hill Art Festivalís Lifetime of Creativity Award, the first time given to a poet.




Jazz Tides

(About BRUNI)


by John Detro



Dear One,


I love you. Weíre quite similar, you know- those holy work highs;

those gnashing lows. ButÖgive any problems over to the true solution: God.


Give anything to God for a few days (donít think about the situation)

and itís Godís for good.


Imagine how many times God heard "no" before certain ones said



Yes I will paint it the way you say


Yes I will write it as you wish


Yes I will have your child

God loves surprises and the folks who say Yes.

- JD







BRUNI's Song

(About BRUNI)


Your brushes sing the songs of freedom

Glad and happy melodies

A place were the soul finds its home

They stroke out the sound of love

Strong and Passionate beats

Strung together making us one

Your song is of the human condition

What's right and what's wrong

Sing your song, Bruni, sing your song

Free is the soul of humanity

Found in Bruni's Song

Free is the soul of humanity

Found in Bruni's Song


...Jimmy M. Pierre







A Pledge to Rescue Our Youth

by Maya Angelou

© 2006


Young women, young men of color, we add our voices to the voices of your ancestors

who speak to you over ancient seas and across impossible mountain tops.

Come up from the gloom of national neglect, you have already been paid for.

Come out of the shadow of irrational prejudice, you owe

no racial debt to history.

The blood of our bodies and the prayers of our souls have bought you a future

free from shame and bright beyond the telling of it.

We pledge ourselves and our resources to seek for you clean and well-furnished schools,

safe and non-threatening streets, employment which makes use of your talents,

but does not degrade your dignity.


You are the best we have.


You are all we have.


You are what we have become.


We pledge you our whole hearts from this day forward.






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