Some Comments on BRUNI's Tribute to Mother Teresa




So happy that you continue to inspire others and your fantastic work - we met in 1980 - Los Gatos gallery and you are my mentor.

P. Watkins




Words can never describe the emotions listening to Kristina play, while falling emotionally into your tribute to Mother Teresa.

Thank you,

Dan Koenig




How do I say it. Your work is very touching. So many feelings going through me. So so inspirational. And your daughters music is wonderful.

Claire Koenig




Dear Bruni,

I am touched by your paintings of the inspiring Mother Teresa. Thank you for allowing me to view this. Today has been a very special day!My sister just had two twin boys. They are healthy and strong. Visiting your gallery only makes it better.

I am only seventeen, I was in a deep depression last spring. The only thing that helped me through it was Mother Teresa and her teachings. She is a woman of truth and life and love. Iíve never been better.

May god bless you and your work.


Armando Ayeda




"Help the Children" is great!

Steve Flores




You have portrayed Mother Teresaís saintliness.

M. Murphy




So blessed to be a part of these beautiful paintings! My 1st cousin was called by our lord to work for years with Mother Teresa.

Christine Purcell




Touched my heart, my skin in tingly just from walking in and opening my eyes and heart. Truly beautiful.
Thank you so much.

Sarah Coronado




A beautiful tribute to a "beautiful" person.

July Piggeri




This is a beautiful fascinating art display. Thank you for loaning and giving ĎMother Teresaí to us for a Sunday worship.

Many thanks,

Patty Imsen





I love the array of colors. I really hope Paris Hilton does not play Mother Teresa in her upcoming movie, thatís what I heard any way. When that happens I think the world will end and Iíll see you there!

Love, "Lisa" Man




Dear Bruni,

Your works on Mother Teresa are superb! I love also your painting of Pope John Paul II hugging the child. I just read your story on how you came to paint Mother Teresa. I donít think it was a coincidence, it was provincial Ė a real God moment! Thank you for this room Ė to enter into a sacred space God blesses you and your work.

Marcia Miller




Your work is truly amazing! I am inspired by the colors and emotion in the works of your Mother Teresa series! I am an artist out of Fremont, I work on a lot of religious art and I took one look at your work and fell in love with it! I walked by the studio last night and was drawn to it and since it was closed, I made it a point to return! The arts will always be a part of me, and I will remember these pieces!

God bless,





Can I stop by here every day and just absorb the serenity this gallery is so full of? I love your paintingÖcanít say enough about it (and Iím a quiet person!) Heard about you from a close friend of mine and finally had the courage to visit. Unbelievable stuff! Hope to meet you someday. God blesses and keeps your high spirits. Nolan Johnson & Family say hello!

P. Nicolas




Iím pleased to have stopped by to see this wonderful lady Mother Teresa. I have been looking for a photograph of her when she passed on. I did not get the chance to get if from the media. I will come back sometime to get a bigger one. Thanks a million.




Iím glad I stopped by there now, bringing peace to my wandering soul. I hope some of her humbleness and faith rubbed off on me. Great artwork.

God bless,




Your work is beautiful, truly inspiring. What better way to share your passion, love and faith than through your art. I am amazed.




It was so easy for me to see and feel the beauty and integrity in each portrait. They are true art.

I am inspired by you and your thoughts. I am so glad you can give me the help and vision to get to my mission

Beena Vaswani




You chose the right woman to paint. She has done miracles, which is why your painting brings gratitude




The painting of Mother Teresa is the best. I really like it. I love them all! I love you Mother Teresa. I never love art, but after I saw the picture of Mother Teresa I love art. God bless you from S.M 12 years old.

Tatiana Smith



I have 2 special needs children, a boy and a girl. My daughter learned to walk independently when she was

almost 5. Prayers and Mother Teresa have been very inspirational to me and supportive. Your paintings are absolutely beautiful.





Dear Bruni,

...I am an alcoholic, I am struggling with my disease. Iíve never seen such an inspirational collection or felt such peace. I am writing to say thanks, I wasnít sure what I was going to do but now I have a direction. Not sure what his name is , but he reminded me about my faith, a faith I must keep. Please Bruni, keep yours, cause on this day I am braving it cause I need just a little more. Thank you so much for being here and keeping the faith.
Thanks again for the peace. Just for today!

(anonymous for privacy puropses)



Impressed with the collections. Especially Saint Mother Teresa.

Prof. Suyeel Singh Nanua- Disst. Language Officer, India

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